Poetics Doxology

Theo-pragmatic edict in poetics into the lives of the sacred

Fiery Furies control their temperance, perseverance, cool calm collected

Recollections of distant memories require regulations

The Administration of the Delegates relegates razing the congregates

Imitation is a mediated loss of operations bound by the Lictors meditation

Orders decrees in the highest degree of cooperative calibration

Time and place in the mutual space for the symmetry translation

Vortex of time in the tick of hour minds, systems undertaken penetration

Depth of perception interception of the revolt jolted humiliation

obverse the reverse the internal universe inverses abysmal multiverse

Imago Dei of the Fernhill Metaverse regulations interstellar conversation

pneumatical encompasses the sacred milieu, thunder strikes deep oceans

Emotions in the darkest of the Soul, sensory elements amending liquid stones

Pilates of temple prefects into the inner black hole Star wash away the rain

Washing away the pain, Perichoretic integration the confirmation restoration

Regenerated in the combined faith statement of the Ressurrection


A West Rings Flowers

Poets, Writers, Artist & Creators Union

I have started a new project and invite any interested service providers to join me at my new blog Link Here.

This is an open invitation to contribute to the progress of the Administration of Delegates. An extension of the efforts begun here at redeclerk.wordpress.com. The content incarnating the lyricism of poetry and prose in a combined effort to embody the virtues and basic guidelines that symbolize the creative nature of service to our geographical cathedral.


Elephants like Calvary marched with Hannibal’s Army. Traveled twenty years to show the salt in farmer fields is not a honorable shield. Carthage was once a city of great renown, antiquity of the ages from North Africa’s coastline, the Phoenician sailors of days ago.

Pyramids raise up the atmosphere. The rest fall down like death denounced. Denouement of the knots reveal the source of defeat, our combined hope in the unraveling of the traveled ground. Better days are collected in our backyard clout. Raid their stolen time of our lives, returned to those victimized.

Teutonic Tribes diaspora viceroy counts the lives, from dragon ships to knife fighting braves that found a path and traced their way through the Smokey mountains — Chickamauga the bloody field of death, the gathered chiefs of the Cherokee Nation. The chief among chiefs in their various castes.

Travelers and seekers of asylum from tyranny, found their way across the great ocean sea. Come to a new land thought to be an island, possibly a landing of the far reaches of East Indies. Land of the Brave, home of the free. This land is our land to steward for the King of King’s. Breathe!

Kyrus, Giaus, Tartarus, & Momentum roots of familiar affairs. We seem to face the same wickedness in our own sufferance in problems. Revolve them into their own web of defeat, diseased abominations of the living space they’ve invaded. Stated and reiterated until we’ve septangled fazed them.

Shout when you internally scream their listening to be heard, they don’t hear the request. Less politeness is to speak to anyone without dialing in the cell phone. Try a rotary phone if you refuse to honor our request. Destiny calls you Naughts to a final judgement, possibly your eternal death.

Razed you abominations down deconstructed, unconditional relevance is knotted in your dishonor of simple requests. Guess who, HOOTY WHO. Like you found yourselves in trees before falling back to your own living rooms. Bugaboo bunny, remember that carrot you phony vox.

Paradigms got you trapped in a three dimensional prism of your own mind. Line by line you fixated into the lives of others without knowing their lives. That you are not known to them on the other end. It’s all in your own mind. Find anybody real in your life that you know in real tyne. What time is it in your mind?

Error in the airwaves an invasion of the telephone line. Communication Babylon from abominations tower. Louder and without listening, you haven’t heard a word from others because all you want is hear-here now. Get lost in the computer board of a network tired of your naughty lies.

Empowerment Of the Lord Judicators

Therein forth proceed forward Constituting the vast reach of the Prefects the apostolic 4 and their Lictors to keep the binding of the lawless stripped of operators in a barricade; ordered and decreed by the judicators in advocacy to the community’s safety from despicable empty souls of the likes of irreverent remit & lawless elementals condolence without proper barista procedures.

Restitution of time wasted by the improper standings within the breach of the realm of restricted access in the combined dimension of the living, defined as Souls in bodies (embodied) with Spirit and Mind. Here forward empty souls & lawless spirits are relegated to the codex of grief and regret. Anoint the Knights of Ekklesia for optimal performance, in order of security and dignity to our family, community, and larger geography the cathedral, in service to the Creators.

Lord of the Assembly

Recognizing this disparity, I pray to Thee the fire speaking life in me. The voice that gently whispers in my deepest of being, “Beloved, where are Thee?” Thou whisper this precisely to awaken in me the presence of the quickening. Halting all of everything to forward the milieu of sacred presence in the encounter of our event. Even in this prayer the moment is subject to escape and lost into being beside myself. I need Thee completely to compass me with the living worship that echoes in the rhythm of my heart beat. Vibrations of the sounds that encapsulates the breath of life in my breathing.

God, name above all names… make yourself known to me and render my life back into your service in the greater geographical cathedral. Find me amended before your presence in the posture of my living, that speaks volumes of rescue into my belief… yet, doubt partials my faith in this event. Oh, Creator and Host of the gathered Assembly, bring me signs of hope to awaken the remembering… I am completely and fully alone, desperate for a change in my decisions and the captivity that is my own making.

Seldom have I felt this destitute to the degree that I have lost complete hold of any decision making, confined by the patterns that have contoured my life. The habits in living are an inertia of deep sadness that viscerally breaks the inner space like a collapsed void the Blackhole of my hearts song. Echoes ever breach the cavern gravitated back into a grief of no one hears but my own listening. Tears no longer mark the service of change. I am alone and unsure, filled with doubt concerning all of my life from beginning to end.

I am completely and fully lost in the light and attacked for opting and securing Thee in the void before the creation of light. The days are unending in the sequence of torment that shames the life of the Ressurrection that once was the hope of this life. My faith is remembered in my rendering of a cohesive formula to bring meaning to people’s suffering. Yet, I feel as the days are like counting years in hell without any escape from the karmic hold I behest to unfold. Denouement of the signs and symbols have brought me to a place like Elysium where I am walking in fields alone.

Mercury’s passion on a harvest of wheat without festivities because no one is here, only my self denied any companionship of loving kindness. I am a social eye sore of unbending social norms beheld in isolation in my solemn wandering. Wondering at times if the Enoch paradigm has beget my suffering, watching my world crumble to parts that resemble broken pieces of glass, desert sands of time my safe passage. Traveling caravan of desert like giants pressing through the barometric pressure in the temperature captured and released in the oasis of islands. Surrounded by the lochs the key is visible in minds that can see the stars of the heavens in the counting of the sand grains relapse, unbind, amending the freedoms of our Own mind.

God with names beyond counting, creator of all things. Please hear me here this time of listening in prayer. The breath of breathing in your spirit, living in a prayer. I pray you bring meaning to my layers of dispense my slice of memory in days of living in suspense. Lord, God I pray please be my living prayer and be the specter of my living and rendered back into my life. Spectrums of the levels reveal the missing elements to those who can gather all the multi-layers of the Event!

Linguistic Reflex of Spacial Index: Poetics Invested Pretext

Searching stars for signs of life / lists of galaxies checked between travels / unraveled in a denouement of knots / nautical knots marked for each mile / smiles on the face of the planet / granite flakes of stone flesh / refreshed into the lake of fire / rewired like liquid metal glow / slowly through time, flame less fire / brimstone sulfur stench reminders / bind the meandering of space like shires/ shored up in the land rendering / red deers reindexing Orders / magistrates reach into everywhere / there’s a life intruded upon / along the contours of liberties limits / delineated into a reminder dignity / resurrected into significant relevance / relevant the boundaries of parameters / salamanders the brand into the lawless / less we go down with the rest / without entering the seventh day rest / bless our listeners with rest / Melchizedek praise into a sacrifice / suffice to bring peace to our vortex / indexed in form to bring complex / circumstances into a viable syntax

Context the complex variables / comparable the perspectives visible / immeasurable the difference between people / steepled high on a bell tower / showered with rings of liberty / dignity compasses for the rendering / the citizens enduring of the relevant / solvent of liquefying the malevolent / violence purged of our humanity / community stamped into society / gathering of complexity in amending / the differences of all bonds meandering / redeclerk wrathful clues to sending / lexicons of grammatical dialects bending / elemental reverence of invisible benevolence / innocence in the posture of relegated penance / lamented in the repentance / sentences refreshed in diligence / rhymes behind retracted elegance / grievances revealed in the pensive / decisive rendering of lyrical creative / inspired from a proverbial definitive / infinitive stanza remade in neutral definitions / live in the reading presentation

Periapt: Meta-Physics in the Metaverse of FernPark

Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) a fluid dynamic / in electrically conducting plasma, liquid metals, salt water, and electrolytes / is a magnetic field; subjugating operators of energy, / momentum, and any other back / to the proper source, the life of the planet / as it beholds natural geography.  The MHD magnetic fields / can induce currents polarization reciprocally / changing the field itself.  The differentials equate simultaneously / and analytically, or numerically. /

Wave Modes: Pure or oblique wave, / Slow and fast MHD wave, / phase into velocity / plotted with respect to the Omega Codex / an extension of the Loch and Key. These frequencies / translate into the Sound wave, / Alfven wave, Magneto sonic wave / which all depends on the velocity / on the angle between wave / vectors and the magnetic field. / Angle Omega Codex with respect / to the time dependence / disperses a relation to Alfven speed / in accordance to the HMD wave mode and oscillations / in a finite conductivity purging the viscous effects of present. /

The Earths Solar Magnetic / interactions extends the MHD phenomena / in a higher order adequately / treating all fluid descriptions including / the Hall physics, electron pressure gradients / and all particle inertia.  Electric fields / become subjects of the MHD (Mercury-Hotel-Delta) to further reveal / the understanding of the stars insurmountable variables / which make it inoperative in the realm of motive rigging. /

The Delegates of the Hall is especially important for the z-pitch, / magnetic reconnection, ion thrusters, and plasma switch. / These MHD derive collision-less / equations, Reduced multiscale analysis /reduced to a set of four closed scalar equations. / The fusion power of the Z-pinch, / also known as zeta pinch / is a confined system with electric / current to generate magnetic fields / compressed into the Omega Pinch.  / The Z-axis on a normal three-dimensional geography. / These Z-pinch machines are not harnessed and are derivatives / of a more extensive operator answering / to the MHD field and realm. /

The Del Operator / in particular is vector differential operator / represented in the Nabla symbol applied to define / on a one-dimensional domain / within a multi-dimensional domain / to denote the gradient scalar field / and any divergence applied. / As long as the functions are well-behaved, / two of them are always zero: / Two of them are always equal / into a three remaining vector which is expressed / in tensor functions of well-behaved. /

Operators function over space / of physical states to another space of physical states. / which brings symmetry to a concept /of groups.  Operators are important in quantum mechanics / where they form an intrinsic part of the formulation / of the theorem.  This includes Translational symmetry, / Time Translation Symmetry, Rotational Invariance, Galilean Transformations, Parity, / and T-Symmetry; which brings us back to the MHD / Generator.  Included in the Quantum Field / is a fundamental description of nature at the smallest scales / of energy levels of atoms and subatomic particles. / Explanations for many biological / and physical phenomena / rooted in the nature of the chemical bond, / most notably the macro-molecule DNA. Hey!

Quantum Mechanics is the only theorem that can reveal / the individual behaviors of the subatomic particles / that make up all forms of matter (electrons, / protons, neutrons) influencing the string theorem for candidates / of everything i.e. reductionism.  Thus Cryptography detection / of passive eavesdropping yields / to the inherent bits / due to the observer effect, the superposition state would collapse / into an eigenstate.  Thus reducing all operators / to a bounded abjoint.  Thus securing the energy, / momentum, and angular fields of all operators / to the Administration of the Delegates. / Thus all d’Alembert operator’s wave their operation to Laplace / operation of Minkowski space, / yielding to the Lorentz scalar transformation to symmetry / of the greater geo-graphy.

The term geodesic comes from geodesy, / the science of measuring the size and shape / of Earth; in the original route between / two points, the great spherical / circle.  geodesics are of particular / importance in general relativity, / a motion of free falling test particles. / The inclusion there in geodesic airframes, / structures (geodesic domes), and Earth geodesics / of horizontal distances, and the overall Reindeering / with the inclusion of Red Deer / Orders here understood with inclusion of the Rendering / of UV legend.  Thus Euclids “renowned glorious” / of Alexandria, together singing Glorious!