The Planets Witness Unbinds the Knots & Reveals the Truth of Hour Lives

The sands of time like grains through jams of bottle necks reline, relinquishing the relevant rebellion of hour time. To each a mind a neuro-bind decreed denouements find, our breath to breathe we sing to kill the enemy of hour time. Rejoicing finds the memory of the past assembly’s rhyme, know death is clear without its dear affect rewinds turbines. The message echoes loudly here listen beyond the lines, demarcation signs appear declaring all we find.

The testimony is real clear, magnifying nuclear, rede-clear for all to see unwind. The wind brought fear, revealed the tears the broken hearts define, the radical praxis rendered in the freedom all combined. Micro-verse the changes through the magnifying light of all the darkness holding truth we hid deep in our lives. Ride to die tonight we fly the banners throughout yester-past for morrow of the other is the message Janus had.

To be sincere and completely clear the message Janus has, the eyes and words of moments dear in hope for all our lives. Nexus of the praxis has the mention of the tide that lunar gravitation spheres pulls against the life. Ride the waves, the wake like billows of surface splashed it wide, with narrow paths between the ripples makes it truly fine. The finding uncovered in the archeological site is brilliant recollections anthropological rise, the stars and lights that governed here relays the hearing bearings clear.

Everybody knows the cheers the assembly rejoicing loud & clear, like fear declines with courage to declare the hope of love revised. Renew the restoration, elemental calibrations of electo-magnetic waves through space incarnate; physic peers a validation, revered a sacred verse revealed. Unveil the vale of sacred tears a trail through the Smokey peaks, into the valley past the sea clouds until we enter plains of Tennessee & Kentucky bordered forts realigned. Real eyes have witnessed here & hear the listening repealed like onion layer repeated years the rescued prayer without fear.

The Babel rabble unraveled with Nimrod fall by spear, could dazzle zounds of izzards in the cardinals conclave steered. The treasure caves the villains kept and dared deceived the lives reversed the curse into the blessings of dignity virtues declared, reinstated mental eyes imbedded with the spiritualized is very much the realization of the physical life. The testament of generations dating back to creations cheers, remember the assembly oath we may adhere dignified. Redeclerk rendered, unveiled, de-cloaked the crime, a constant intrusion the space of personal ties, the intrinsic space our private life has been intruded & invaded every participant guilty presents the time.

Captured in the things done like the behavior amplified, all of time & space premieres the culmination of the real victims terrorized. My mutual sentiments prevents the trust of elements participating high in every level of deceit denied. Know the lessons reclaimed in this trauma pressed and multiplied until the treasures victimized reclaims the intrinsic space of time. The space revealed in private lives that blocks intrusive crimes, the one down relegated will be reckoned with this time.

The pain, preyed upon, the badgering of our minds is exactly what the subject here is linguistic crime, of constant projectiles the guilty reveal in their time. All of the planet witness an assembled host to read and verify the congruence of visions entered endeared for all of hour lives. The safe containment barrier repulse revolts remembered & the enclave of deception broken every captive has been here. Attempt disguised involvement reveal, declare, emphasize the extreme truth of extra pressures constant verified.

Now that has been rendered visible the multilayer crime expanding the months into the years to destroy precious lives. Please remember the true victims, ones who kept the guidelines true, who suffered invasion from extrinsic into intrinsic private life. Participants without excuse they testified with their lives, contextual deconstruction is reconstructed properly linear revealed the truth is realized. The truth is in the life of every intimate reveal, without all the distractions that masquerade the time.

The multilayered crime described, cannibal of the mind really is impossible to hide just take a look and find the involvement rendered clear the witness host assembled near the testimony will ever be remembered.

All the gathered host rejoice with solace praise milieu embraced a unison of ending prayer. The sacred hovers over deep and all say before the pause… the beginning is Selah, in the end we say Selah.

Parkland Lochs Sir Reindeer to the El’s of Liberty & Dignity

Parklands Lochs Surrendered To the El’s of Liberty & Dignity

Blessed are The reindeer’s uncovering the depth of belligence in the vail of scales over hour eyez; that oppress with deception from deceiving the people in their personal lives. The council remits the election of all the flies and shit fly, re-criminalizing his penny cries until all is rendered back to the particular color of the specifics of shit flies. Yes his eyes are green (monochrome) like shit fly, hence forward monochrome-greenfly.

Why and how are answers of what, when, & where. Will the forwarding testimonies be released on (radio) loudspeakers throughout the 4 track players of each house; In massive red-air/radar’s from every cellphone tower, pre-seventy2 building called towered, and the mountain tops of Cascadia Commons & beyond. Like silence we betrixed bound between the Styx and any oceanic geography hour lives prithee (please) breathe.

The network of a reaction and forming behind the Planets will calling gently and in silence, Whispers on the heart to invite an unpressed response to enter the fellowship of the ever present Event. Eject the adversary’s outer parliamentary for an orderly, dialogical, mutual inquiry. The inner accusations made by outer accusers, make the outer intrusions the relics of Satan, their deceit undone, permanent remittance, forever rendered unsung. The electro-magnets of the planet knew the calibration may be the longest vortex grains to be static molecules negated, raised, razed, through the fabrics of hour realms into the Event Horizon. The moment of the planets own personal recognizing.

Riots dampened rescued from defiance, inclusion of the liberty from times of hour reliance. Columns of the 111 rally with the complete minute rendering of the 3rds and 3 percent. Recent trauma despaired into our shame, now the truth is clear, reindeers the proper names. Numble’s for the sith is real, the shit from the deers entrails, remember how the centipede is all the waste refuse. Bringing Truth between our lives begins with mutual kindness, rendered in the meeting of the people in our lives. Visions of others in physical space, regions embodies in the the-rap-pneumatic milieu, the alliance of the 9ers is the deci-bells regiment. The braves and sacred shaman’s in the meeting chambered rest, has been liberated, rendered into the day like we do knot between hour beds. Now everybody knows and looks into the truth life reveals and uncover all the archeology to verify all that is/was said.

Congruence is the remedy, the recipe, & receipt, any relegated balloons can be rendered out instead. This is hour containment in the boundless love the message in our death, to bring a fullness of our tears in how El-Dei revered and resurrects the dead. The truth shall set our lives to be in freedom to the call, remember all the trials and tears as we answer back the call. Enter into worship here the Event of our daily prayer call.

Holy, SACRED, reinserting praise to help defend and heal the dead, in spirit, mental, physically, pneumatical & perichoretically commandeering the justice of our prayers call.

The Assembly of the Oath keepers together say Selah & Again! (Selah)

The Firmament and the Creators Imago: Goodness of Deo

The Firmament and The Creators Imago: Goodness of Dei/Deo

In the beginning before the light of Dei, the sacred Spirit, the Holy Ghost, hovered over the face of the deep. The deep was dark, without form, and void.

It is the splitting of the firmament that gives us the molecular space for vapors of oxygen to begin the process of understanding the breath we have as carbon composites endangered from living in discovery of our personal greatness. The waters above was sealed with the vault, beyond the unknown realm of our presence. The waters present on the surface where our feet meet the Earth, Gaia, Zoey. The bodies of water we call oceans or seas, & further with lakes and rivers running towards the oceans. Like natural boundaries of the regions, in service to the dominions and virtues against the deception dispelled over the principalities and authorities. It’s been hijacked by leviathan and the history of deception that has deceived us as the offspring of the ancestors in the great assembly of the host. We who are in virtue have rendered our service to the people are fortunate to participate with the planets beckoning in the ever present Event, relegating the reaction-formation, remitted, and undone. Repelling any spells spoken against the will of the planet to usher in the kingdom, beyond the scales over our eyes. Justice calls us to live within the confines of dignity of each persons articles of liberty. The rooster crows in the morning and the crow roosts at night, or for the knights of Ekklesia. The duty by which we are called to as 111 is our service to the planets acclimation to the tune with harmony of choruses being sung with each rhythm and heartbeat. We are the many who are part of the one living and sacred Spirit, e pluribus unum.

The Sacred Spirit, Holy Ghost, which existed before the light of Dei hovered over the face of the deep, like an ocean of emotion we are captive to its depth. Where it is pressure beyond bearable and where we find our trauma, shame, and despair (dark, void, and without form). It is therapeutically contained within the alliance of sacred encounters, relegating the murmurs echoed throughout the vineyard, untrue. We long for that wine from old, aged in the cellars beyond the cellar door. We long for liberty rendered back into our capacity to decide and make congruent our behavior with the words we speak and/or think. We long for the help, in defense for healing. And in the dark, void, and without shape we pray for it to be rendered true. Then, in the following verse of creation, Elo’we spoke, “let there be light.” It is then we begin to see what was hidden in the dark, that created a void, like a blackhole, and was without form. Thus began the path of help for ourselves, defense for our family and community, and healing on a multi-leveled expanse, the interstellar multiverse we call space… the final frontier.

Oppositional Spells Repelled: Respelled Favors all the Virtues

Oppositional Spells Repelled: Respelled favors the Virtues

It’s madness that belittles the archives of our personal lives. Sweeping us up in a multilayered deception put in authority over our freedoms, reinserting our liberty and dignity, essentially dispelling any scales of deception hindering our eyes from seeing the truth of self-deception. Liberty begins with ourselves, with me, before anything we do can make any mutual difference for our family, community, and the kingdom. Rendering our lives of trauma, shame, and despair, hidden in the dark a new therapeutic integration of the perichoretic type.

A perichoretic integration is a mutual interpersonal curiosity we may enter into as persons who have been awakened in the dark. It’s a Reindeer riding in a slay being pulled by 9 Santa’s, that is an imagery that turns what we know upside down. essentially razing the truth as it remains after all the deconstructing. The unconditioned, that without conditions are the virtues, that give us the contours to living in a way that brings a congruency. A conformity with the words we speak and adhere with — the gift of life, basically how we are present in the platform and with persons in hour life.

Deception becomes relegated, remitted, and undone. The hexagon a reckoning, like an unheard spell repelled. Respelled in favor of those living within the contours and/or boundaries of fire in virtues now. Dominions recognize the slaying of the thrown and health. The chambers of dominance, endeavors to adhere Truth, for she reindeers with a poncho and fiesta hat this season of the year. Thank goodness for the cathedral’s rally for the planets victory. Incarnate and inhabited in the Greater Cascadia Commons by way of our personal participation a response to the call of the Sacred and our entry into the Event.

Any turn backs or rewinds get ejected like analog tapes being redone with 4 tracks making 4 vs. 1 essentially permanently. Overriding the lack of understanding forever outnumbering them by 4 vs. 1. In honor of El’o’we a new word devised in response to misogyny, that is evil culture. A culture that has forgotten the womb by which our security is found and not ever lost considering our feet stands on her, Gia, Zoey, and/or our Mother Earth. We look up into the deep blue and wonder how far the firmament is from our standing, the vault. Possibly the other side of the planet or maybe a possible dimension of existence nearest to hours, where we stand being their own vault. Selah, we all ponder with, Selah and Again.

Beyond the Unknown

Beyond the Unknown

Limited is our knowledge of the ultimate in regards to the limited perspectives of our experiences. In each encounter is an opportunity to enter into a covenant of mutual curiosity and interpersonal experience, requiring a posture of openness to the beyond, an openness to the sacredness of the other.

In living, we participate as limited experiences interconnected with particulars that bring a fullness to our own perspectives. We as individuals are made for each other. We complement each others paradigm, coming together to enact and embody life. We are like electrons spinning around an atom that is part of a molecule forming an organic and living community of life. We are one of many, a part of the whole. A breath of the living.

Language & Grammar

Language and Grammar

Words in themselves pack a certain longevity in our lives. However, there seems to be an absence of syntax in how each word arises from a particular context. Words find their meaning in a series of connections to a particular place and time, building on a long history of etymology that in most minds have lost its caliber of meaning. Linguistics, is a long lost art of creating a masterful imagery, utilizing the words in our lexicon to bring about the lessons of time into a space of hour imagination… like painting with words, or sculpting with ideas.

If I could paint an image with a series of words, then how those words are constructed together, is a matter of personality. It’s not what is said that matters, rather how it is said. You can say the same thing 50 different ways and the one that arises to the occasion may be a prepackaged response or an example of what it is to be a master of artistry. Predictability is already what’s wrong with society. Creativity emerges from a place of surprise and originality that can’t be replicated with echoes across space in a timeless way. The grammatical boundaries that gives language it’s contours of speech is the fingerprint of each persons uniqueness, that is forever shifting in the windows of time.